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Adapting To An All Digital World During the Pandemic Webinar was held on 9 April 2020.

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Join us during this live webinar as three B2B Marketing Leaders share how they’ve been impacted, what changes they’ve seen to their marketing departments and budgets, how they're adapting to this new world and what their new plans for 2020 looks like.

We’ll be discussing:
• As marketers we’ve all had to pretty much overnight re-write our 2020 marketing plans.
• How and what, if at all, are you communicating with your customers and prospects
• How to stand out through an even more cluttered digital world
• Go to market and Demand Gen campaigns
• Shifting channel strategies, plans, budget and resources
• Keeping your teams motivated during the crisis

Darren Needham-Walker, Group Director Marketing, Technologyone
Trisca Scott-Branagan, Head of Marketing Institutional, ANZ
Natalie Truong, CMO Asia and Head of B2B Pacific, Mercer

Emma Roborgh, Founder & CEO, B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

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